Business travellers end up spending even more than regular holiday makers, with workers losing an average £142 in unclaimed expenses on each trip

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"What? No I needed that bottle of Krug, it was for a client" (Source: Getty)

From business class to spirits in the sky, you might think your company card goes a long way on a business trip - but a new study into our spending habits has revealed that we're wasting our own money when we travel for work.

UK travellers aren't great at sticking to the budgets set by their employers: around 83 per cent have exceeded their allowance in the past - and the average worker abroad is losing an average of £142 in unclaimed expenses on every business trip they take, according to new research.

The news comes after travel association Abta found that, if Britain votes to leave the EU, heading abroad for business meetings could get even more expensive. Indeed, one City grandee is already planning to limit his trips to the continent in case of a Brexit.

According to currency conversion platform DCC Forum, the average business traveller exceeds their budget by £162 every time they go abroad, but regular globe-trotters are even cheekier. Those who went on five or more business trips in a year go all out and spend an extra £216 per business trip.

Jennifer Conneely, a board member of the DCC Forum, said: “Anyone who travels frequently for business already knows how much of a sacrifice it is in terms of time and it’s simply unacceptable that it’s proving to be such a financial sacrifice too."

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