Take a look at this Monopoly board that's been re-designed for 2018 London house prices


This new Monopoly board shows the best spots for growth in London house prices (Source: Proportunity)

A London tech startup has re-designed the classic Monopoly board to reflect property price growth in the capital over the last five years, with some staggering switch-ups for key hotspots.

The board was first designed in the 1930s, so it's a given that the London property landscape might have changed a bit since then. 

Proportunity, a mortgage lender for first-time buyers, which designed the new board, uses artificial intelligence to forecast future house prices and then offer loans to new buyers against high-growth properties.

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Source: Proportunity, September 2018

The biggest switch comes from Whitechapel Road and Old Kent Road trading their places on the cheapest brown spots for a shade of the most expensive dark blue with Mayfair.

Proportunity's data showed house prices on Old Kent Road have grown faster than any other spot on the board, at a meteoric 47.4 per cent in the last five years compared to Mayfair's measly 10.4 per cent.

Pall Mall, previously a mid-tier pink spot, is also now in the brown with the same amount of growth since 2023.

Euston Road, which used to be a cheap light-blue, is now an upper-tier green just behind the dark blues with 28 per cent growth in the last five years.

Proportunity's chief executive, Vadim Toader, said it designed the new board to provide a unique way of informing buyers about the current state of the London property market, and what's experiencing the biggest boom.

"By re-ordering the locations based on recent observed growth rather than existing property prices, the board shows where first-time buyers can be smart with their first investment," said Toader. "This ensures their money goes the furthest it possibly can, all the while giving them scope to move up the property ladder in the future."