Downing Street raises stakes with at least one Cabinet member threatening to resign ahead of Chequers

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British Prime Minister Delivers Landmark Brexit Speech
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owning Street has raised the stakes for today's crunch Chequers summit, with Theresa May fully prepared for resignations as she seeks to push forward on Brexit.

Last night Cabinet ministers including Boris Johnson, David Davis, Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Penny Mordaunt were plotting a rebellion after May's plans to keep the UK "harmonised" with the EU on goods were revealed.

City A.M. understands that at least one of those names is prepared to walk if they don't get a deal they are happy with, with multiple sources reporting anger and shock at the apparent last-minute shift in policy.

But the Prime Minister is reportedly standing firm over her plans, which have been "pitch-rolled" by chancellor Philip Hammond throughout the week.

A senior ally of May told Politico the PM had "a full reshuffle plan" in place for any eventuality.

“Collective responsibility will be asserted at the end of the day,” the source said. “A select number of ego-driven, leadership-dominated Cabinet ministers need to support the PM in the best interests of the U.K. — or their spots will be taken by a talented new generation of MPs who will sweep them away.”

The same source told Politico that any ministers who quit would not be allowed to use their ministerial cars to make the 40-mile trip back to London.

“Taxi cards for Aston’s taxis, the local cab firm, are in the foyer for those who decide they can’t face making the right decision for the country,” the figure said. “It is a cold world outside government.”

“One or two empty cars returning might be a sensible amount of blood-letting,” they added.

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