'Life-threatening' Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina


The hurricane could last up to three days (Source: Getty)

Hurricane Florence has hit the east cost of the US leaving a trail of destruction in its wake with homes hit by flooding and people left stranded.

The US National Weather Service said the flash flooding and storm surge was “life-threatening” and predicted it would last for days.

The storm reached Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina on Friday with recorded wind speeds of 90mph.

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Winds then increased towards 100mph and US weather forecasters warned the state would see eight months of rain in the next two to three days.

Petrol stations have literally been blown away and buildings destroyed, while power outages have affected half a million homes.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told a news conference that whole communities "could be wiped away".

"This is an uninvited brute that just won't leave," he told NBC.

US military personnel have begun evacuating people from their homes as the storm continues to pound the Carolina coastline.

Rising water levels have even brought dolphins swimming towards the shores.