Someone's redesigned London's Tube map to show what salary you need to afford a flat at any station

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London Underground The Most Expensive Travel Network In World
You need anything from an £18,000 to a £250,000 salary to buy on the Tube (Source: Totally Money)

Have you ever wondered how much you’d need to earn to buy a flat in London?

Then fear not - Totally Money has redrawn London’s Tube map to help you on your way - or entirely crush your home owning dreams, more likely.

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Even if prices in the capital are waning, they’re still far more than the average first-time buyer can afford.

Assuming a 10 per cent deposit, a 25-year mortgage, and 40 per cent of earnings going on repayments each month, the credit comparison firm has listed how much it would cost to live in a one-bedroom flat within 1km of each Tube stop.

A flat in Covent Garden would require a £140,800 salary, while prestigious Knightsbridge tops the list with a £248,600 salary requirement, followed closely by Hyde Park Corner at £230,000.

Down the other end of the scale, you’d only need a wage of £17,400 to afford a room of your own in Newbury Park, or £27,300 to live in green, suburban Wanstead.

Here are the 10 most expensive places in London to live.


Salary Required



Cannon Street








St. Paul’s


Bond Street


Mansion House


Hyde Park Corner




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And here are the 10 cheapest.


Salary Required

Newbury Park
















Dagenham East


Dagenham Heathway


But take a look at the map below (or via this link) and discover how much you need to earn in any area of London to afford your own one bed flat.

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