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Top ten tips to help you avoid dehydration and jet lag after a long-haul flight

Arrive at your destination ready to tackle a day of back-to-back meetings.

Discover the easy way to travel stress-free for business, so you land refreshed and hydrated, with no jet lag. Follow our checklist of what to pack, what to avoid and how to eat healthily in transit – and our in-flight essentials kit will prevent cabin air playing havoc with your skin.

  1. You’ve probably heard this 100 times before, but plenty of water is the key to preventing dehydration on board and alcohol is the enemy. Be sure to drink water before, during and after your flight – have a bottle next to your hotel bed to combat jet lag.

  2. Before takeoff, take advantage of one of Estée Lauder’s complimentary Express Beauty services at World Duty Free. Indulge in one of the three speedy and, most importantly, effective beauty treatments, all of which hydrate and protect your skin from dry cabin air in one minute flat.

  3. When you’re catching up on work in transit, be sure all your tech is charged and your files are downloaded before boarding, to avoid hassle once you’re in the air.

  4. Aeroplane headphones just don’t cut it, so ensure you don’t leave home without a pair of noise-cancelling headphones; we’re partial to Bang & Olufsen’s sleek BeoPlay H8 noise-cancelling cans to get in the zone and block out distracting surroundings.

  5. Don’t forget to pack a pair of travel socks from HJ Hall to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and some comfortable loungewear to wear on board so you land with crease-free clothing.

  6. As soon as you board, drown your skin in moisture, using a cleverly edited selection of skincare products from Estée Lauder’s renowned Advanced Night Repair Collection. Start with Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam, followed by a generous layer of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II and Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. These are the three key products to turn to if you want to prevent dull, parched skin.
    Estée Lauder (Source: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Collection)

  7. Align yourself with your new time zone by setting your watch to the time in your arrival destination once you settle on board. This helps your body clock adjust and reduces the effects of jet lag.

  8. Avoid sugary drinks and meals on board. There are many food outlets departure-side where you can pick up nutritious snacks and drinks – Pret and Itsu are just two examples. Choose slow-release carbs. Fruits and vegetables with high water content as well as a high potassium count, such as avocado and bananas, will help keep you hydrated throughout your flight.

  9. There is a multitude of benefits to staying as mobile as possible during the flight. Do some simple stretches in your seat, or stand up and walk up and down the plane aisle.

  10. A detox mask mid-flight is a good way to draw out airline impurities and prep your skin for landing. Estée Lauder’s NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask is a perfect choice while catching up with work or a film; follow it with a good dose of Revitalizing Supreme Light.

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