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Improve user acquisition via your app

If you can appeal to groups on Facebook, you can unlock a prospect for growth.

If you wish to achieve the best possible results for user acquisition, you should first identify your target audience. Work out who is going to benefit most from your app, and learn what will appeal to them.

Having done this research, you can now focus your efforts in the smartest way. Talk to those most likely to listen, and your app's user base will build with maximum efficiency.

Talking and being heard

Working out your target audience and then acquiring users from this specific demographic can be challenging. This challenge is especially true for indie app developers, who may struggle to resource the time and effort necessary. One powerful aid is an appScatter account. It offers developers a wealth of data and an enviable listing of top-performing app stores. Once you have an account, you will be fed a stream of information enabling you to make the best possible decisions. We are pleased to share with you some tips for how to implement that data in the pursuit of user acquisition for your app.

Analysis for growth

First, look at your present user base, analyse them and see their shared aspects. How would you define your users? How would your users define themselves? If you have chosen an appScatter account, your app is being marketed globally; what countries are proving receptive to your app? As you analyse your current user-base, you will learn valuable marketing data. Reinforce your successes before you choose to open up new fronts. Do not worry unduly about reaching wider markets, appScatter cast a wide net on your behalf. At this stage just see what is working and know why it is working.

Stay organic

Second, do not overlook organic growth. In the pursuit of a quick fix for user acquisition, it can be tempting to try all sorts of gimmicks. The basics of organic growth are the bedrock, the root-stock of your success. We will look at organic tactics in our next blog, but for now suffice it to say, embrace and do not spurn all available organic channels.

Keeping it social for natural success

Third, engage with social media, and the opportunity it presents to reach out to enthusiastic groups of users. Facebook is a haven for hobbies and interests, if you can appeal to groups here, you can unlock a wonderful prospect for growth. Perform well on social media, and you may well acquire users with dramatic rapidity. Communicate clearly, with a sense of identity, and be enthusiastic.

Align yourself with the interests of your target audience and make it clear you stand on common ground. What customer support do you have in place? Put your customer support and your social media management under one banner. The two areas are integral and are fast merging into one bracket of shared responsibility. Social media and customer support already occupy the same space in the minds of many users. App developers need to appreciate this and see things from the perspective of users.

Making use of the tools available

Employ the power of an appScatter account to identify your users, your target audience. Talk to this demographic, make yourself a part of their social consciousness and you will achieve the success you deserve.

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