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What can your mobile stats do for you?

Your appScatter account unlocks a vast amount of valuable data. (Source:

At appScatter, from our monitoring of over 350 app stores worldwide, we have chosen 50 of the best stores for your app.

In addition, your account with us unlocks a vast amount of valuable data. This data includes real-time tracking of your app performance and a wealth of information on your markets and competitors.

Seize opportunities for your app

What do all these stats allow you to do? First, it allows you to seize opportunities. All businesses need to identify and act upon opportunities if they are to grow. Your appScatter stats stop you having to rely on guesses and intuition. You can make decisions based on facts and figures, saving time and expense. No one likes backtracking and starting from scratch. The stats we provide you allow you to make the best call in the first instance.

Know your profitability

Secondly, your stats enable you to have your finger on the pulse of your app's profitability. As we track your revenue and downloads, you will know your current profitability, and be able to work forwards, with your feet on solid ground. Your app has potential, but in the crowded app marketplace, it may well go unnoticed unless you make your handiwork standout and jump. Our data will empower you to lift your app above the rest. You can see the performance of competing apps, see their strengths, their shortcomings, and then measure them against your own. Such comparisons will teach you much and prepare you to make the best judgments for your app's continued growth.

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