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Back to School - the Apps Every Student Needs

Students increasingly rely on apps in all areas of their studies

The British summer seemed to barely get started and already it’s time to think about the return to school, college and university. What better preparation than to take a look at the apps that students need to make life that little bit easier?

To get an authentic low down on the apps most useful to students, we asked Summer Marketing Intern and Business Economics student Dominique Tetnowski to pick out her favourites before she returns to Exeter University.


Brainscape is a flashcard app that allows you to browse thousands of subjects created by publishers, teachers and students or simply create your very own set. Sharing your subjects with classmates is made very simple and allows you to spread work among multiple students. Brainscape also has a feature for you to compare progress with your friends and other users around the world. If there is anything you are struggling with, you can bookmark your cards and review them later with a tutor. Brainscape is free to download but going Pro (£2.30/month) allows you to access hundreds of premium subjects.

Available: Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Price: Free (£2.30 for Pro)


EasyBib is a highly accurate citation generator. All citations are checked by librarians and teachers in a range of citation styles, including ASA, AMA and ACS formats. As well as being able to use the search tool for web pages, you can also instantly create a citation by scanning a book’s barcode with your camera. Once your bibliography has been completed you can quickly and simply export it by email to complete your essay.

Available: Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Price: Free

iHomework 2

The newly released version of iHomework is now quicker than before and free to download. iHomework is a student organiser that encourages you to take a proactive approach to your school work. With an in-line calendar, iHomework 2 lets you know how busy each week will be by inputting all your planned assignments. iHomework 2 can also be downloaded on the Apple Watch and iPad, as well as iPhone, which you can sync all together. Monitor your progress by tracking assignments, courses, grades and tutor comments all in one place.

Available: Apple App Store

Price: £0.99


Remind is a messaging app for students, tutors and parents to communicate quickly and easily. Students can ask for extra help and one-to-one tutoring from their teachers. Teachers can also remind students about upcoming deadlines as well as giving them feedback out of hours. Remind promotes further communication between parents and teachers, ensuring parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s progress. Whilst promoting communication, Remind ensures to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Price: Free

iStudiez Pro

With iStudiez Pro you can easily manage all your homework and assignments. The calendar feature allows you to view your school schedule as well as upcoming deadlines, in real-time mode, at a first glance. Organising your deadlines is made simpler with iStudiez Pro, as it sorts your tasks by date; enabling you to prioritise your workload. To help you set and reach your target grades, there's a calculator showing grade predictions and current averages. Perfect for bracing Mum and Dad if things aren't looking too hot before the end of term!

Available: Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows

Price: £2.99

Sign up today and start unlocking your app's potential.

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