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On Your Bike - the Best Cycling Apps

Ever since Bradley Wiggins kick started the UK's dominance of professional cycling in 2012, the sport has seen massive growth in this country. Five years on and the UK still dominates with Chris Froome recently becoming the first man to win the Tour De France and the Vuelta a Espana in the same year.

On the non-professional side, tomorrow is the fifth annual Cycle to Work Day, so what could be more apt than our checklist of the must-have apps for cycling enthusiasts?


Possibly the most popular cycling app in the world, Strava has now branched out into running and other sports to become the ‘social network for athletes’. Aside from multiple ways to track and monitor your activity, the app’s big on sharing performance within your social network.

Available: Amazon, Apple, Aptoide, Google Play, Opera

Price: Free (Premium £4.99/month)

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is a free cycling app in which you can map all your routes. You can then save your favourite routes or chose from over 70 million routes already available. The option to share your progress with friends starts friendly competition or a chance to encourage others. Map My Ride encourages a healthy lifestyle all round. Keeping a food log alongside your fitness log gives you an complete picture of your overall health.

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: Free

Santander Cycles

Receive live updates and docking information for all Santander Cycles docks in London with the official app. The Transport for London app is the only app to send bike release codes straight to your smart phone, making the process even quicker and easier. If you’re planning on travelling to a place you have never been before there’s no need to stress as there’s an easy to follow map within the app.

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: Free


Maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements and training plans are just a few of the features available on the Cyclemeter app. You can choose from 120 configurable announcements to automatically hear stat updates, keeping safety as the number one focus. As well as tracking cycling, the app also supports other activities including running, skating, skiing and walking.

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: Free

Bike Gear Calculator

Bike Gear Calculator is the perfect app for ensuring your bike is in the best gear for each and every part of your journey. Designed to improve your overall experience; Bike Gear Calculator will figure out how long your journey is likely to take based on gear ratio and number of pedal rotations. During your journey the calculator will help you compare the gears to find the best alternative.

Available: Apple App Store and Google Play

Price: £1.99

Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor was designed to make fixing your bike yourself as simple as possible. Following the step-by-step instructions you can not only fix any issues that arise but learn how to detect them. Bike Doctor claim to have all the common repairs with a constantly growing database from user feedback.The overall aim of Bike Doctor is to create the best riding experience for you as possible.

Available: Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon

Price: £4.99

Sign up today and start unlocking your app's potential.

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