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Australian financial services company to create 300 jobs in Edinburgh with global technology centre

Elaine Ballantyne
First 10 recruits of Computershare’s new Global Technology Centre (GTC) in Edinburgh mark one week in their new roles with trainers and other staff members of the global financial services company. (Source: Computershare)

Beginning life with some clever software on a computer in a kitchen table in the suburbs of Melbourne in the late 1970s, Computershare has since grown to employ 16,000 people and serve 125 million customers around the world.

Despite this astronomical growth, the company has never lost its ‘start up’ culture of pushing the boundaries of innovation and shaking up the financial services industry; nor its focus on using the best technology to deliver certainty, ingenuity and advantage to its clients.

Computershare manages billions of pounds worth of assets around the world, providing a unique blend of services in 21 different countries across the globe.

Stuart Irving, CEO, Computershare:

Edinburgh is a truly international capital city with a bright future. It’s a natural home for a global company.

Whilst maintaining its position as the world’s leading share registrar, Computershare also manages complex transitions for many major companies and is the only truly global employee share plan provider. It also services mortgages on both sides of the Atlantic and provides government services, such as gilts and deposit protection.

To undertake this work, Computershare needs to maintain profoundly advanced computer systems and maintain rigorous levels of data security at all times. To design, build and operate these systems, it requires employees with bright minds, a passion for new ideas and a willingness to think outside the box to deliver pioneering services.

Global technology centre

As a result, earlier this year the Aussie giant chose Edinburgh as the home of a Global Technology Centre that will support its operations around the world: a move that lead to the creation of more than 300 high-quality technology jobs in the Scottish capital.

“As a growing business we need the skills and hard work we see on offer in this city, and we’re looking forward to continue to welcome new recruits to join our technology team,” Irving has said.

Alongside Irving at the launch of the Centre was the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who emphasised the significance of Computershare’s choice of location.

“This announcement, with the creation of 300 highly skilled technology jobs and investment in the city centre, is fantastic news for Edinburgh’s economy,” the First Minister said. “Scotland is open for business and continues to be a very attractive location for investment.”

Although the Centre will be a significant venture for Computershare in the city, it is not new to Scotland, having had an office in Edinburgh for many years. The UK is an important part of its global operation, hosting its regional headquarters, and acting as registrar to a significant proportion of the FTSE 100.

Diverse and dynamic

Computershare is also the UK’s largest third-party mortgage servicer and the country’s largest childcare voucher provider. It also runs the UK’s Deposit Protection Service (the UK’s largest) and services UK government gilts.

The company’s expansion in Edinburgh is something of a homecoming for Irving; a citizen of Edinburgh by birth, his first job was in the city, from which he rose from admin clerk to live in six different countries and become the CEO of one of Australia’s biggest companies.

Although it has now welcomed the Centre’s first employees into their roles, Computershare’s focus remains on attracting new staff, having declared its determination to recruit from across the local population and create a workforce that is both diverse and dynamic.

For the right candidate, they’re an exciting prospect: as Irving’s career demonstrates, as a truly global company they can offer excellent benefits and exciting careers that enable Edinburgh'ers to interact with colleagues around the world.

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