'Big Short' investor Steve Eisman bets against UK banks

James Booth
Investor Steve Eisman is shorting three UK banks (Source: Getty)

Investor Steve Eisman who is known for his prediction of the 2008 financial crisis has said he is betting against three UK banks.

Eisman, who was played by actor Steve Carell in the film The Big Short, said he thinks the British market will go down because of Brexit.

He said that he bet against two UK banks "about a month and a half ago" because of Brexit and the possibility of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

"I think in either eventuality the British market will go down," he said.

He said that he decided to bet against a third bank because it "seems more likely that Theresa May's proposals will fail", the BBC reported.

Eisman said: "It doesn't matter which UK banks I'm short. I could have picked three others", adding that he saw it as an "industry" issue.

Speaking last month Eisman said he could be persuaded to short 50 UK stocks if Corbyn became prime minister.

“Corbyn’s a Trotskyite. Now I know my Trotskyites well and I know you don’t want to be invested in the UK if a Trotskyite is prime minister,” he said.