Nissan expands Ghosn investigation to US executive and foreign deals

James Warrington
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Nissan's Chairman Carlos Ghosn Under Arrest In Tokyo
Nissan has reportedly launched a probe into chief performance officer Jose Munoz (Source: Getty)

Nissan has widened its investigation into disgraced chairman Carlos Ghosn to include another senior executive and deals made by Ghosn across the globe.

The car manufacturer has launched a probe into chief performance officer Jose Munoz, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the investigation.

Munoz, who was head of Nissan’s North American operations between 2014 and 2018 and now leads the company’s operations in China, has taken a leave of absence as a result of the investigation, which is reportedly focusing on decisions made in the US.

“Jose Munoz has taken a leave of absence to allow him to assist the company by concentrating on special tasks arising from recent events,” a spokesperson for Nissan said.

The investigation into Munoz is said to concern dealer franchise rights and contracts with parts suppliers and service providers. It is not clear whether the former US boss is accused of any wrongdoing.

Munoz is not cooperating with the investigation, with Reuters sources describing his actions as “stonewalling”.

Nissan previously said its internal investigation had uncovered “substantial and convincing evidence of misconduct” by Ghosn, adding that its scope is expanding.

Investigators are reportedly now probing deals made by Ghosn in India and the Middle East, as well as alleged overpayments for bodyguard services in Brazil.

Ghosn was today hit with two fresh charges of financial misconduct as he remains in detention in Tokyo.

Lawyers for the former chairman say he is not likely to be granted bail before his trial.