Disney's CEO Robert Iger earns stock award worth $149.6m in 2018

Michael Searles
Disney CEO Robert Iger Visits FOX Business Network's 'Markets Now'
Disney chief executive Robert Iger changed his compensation package last year (Source: Getty)

Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger earned $149.6m (£116.4m) worth of stock grants in 2018 after a successful year for the company.

It includes awards related to Disney’s acquisition of TV and film assets from Twenty-First Century Fox, according to a regulatory filing released on Friday.

Disney revealed that Iger’s remuneration package had risen 80.9 per cent to $65.6m, but this did not include awards for the Fox deal, which is still subject to completion.

Iger agreed changes to his compensation last month that tied his pay more closely to the company’s performances, as the Fox deal is almost finalised.

Last month shareholders voted against the compensation of Iger and other executives with a 52 per cent majority, but it was non-binding.

The proxy filing showed that Iger received $65.6m compensation for 2018, which included over $35m in stock awards.

Disney said this will increase to $149.6m, assuming completion of the acquisition and the highest level of performance conditions are achieved.