Nissan to list £63.2m in payments to former chairman Carlos Ghosn in quarterly statement

Ghosn, former chairman of both Renault and Nissan, has been charged with financial misconduct (Source: Getty)

Nissan is planning to list and then freeze ¥ 9bn (£63.2m) in compensation to former chairman Carlos Ghosn in its next quarterly statement.

The car manufacturer will list the payments in its third quarter statement next Tuesday despite having no intention to pay them, according to reports by The Japan Times.

The payments match how much Ghosn is alleged to have underreported his pay for the eight years leading up to March 2018.

In his remarks to the Tokyo Court, Ghosn denied receiving compensation from Nissan that was not disclosed.

Nissan's move to freeze payments come on the heels of reports that Ghosn and Kelly will both be stripped of their directorships during an 8 April shareholder meeting.

Jean-Dominique Senard, Renault's new chairman, will be announced as the replacement for Ghosn's spot on the board during the meeting, according to Reuters.

As the new Renault appointee, Senard would be in the running to be chairman, as the position is selected from among the board members.

Nissan chief Hiroto Saikawa said to Associated Press in regards to appointing a new chairman: “We plan to be cautious in this process, and I do not plan to rush this.”

Prosecutors allege that Ghosn was underreporting his pay for almost a decade with Kelly's aid and have charged them with financial misconduct. Nissan has also been charged.