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Pitch Perfect: Why a Powerful Brand Story Is Essential for IPO Success

Scott Pinkner has assisted with many IPOs over his career.

Scott Pinkner has assisted with many IPOs over his career. As a managing director at DFIN, he and his team of experts have helped many firms navigate their transition from private to public companies.

A central aspect of an IPO is the processing of the company prospectus with the SEC. In addition to satisfying disclosure requirements, the prospectus enables a company to convey its unique value and branding. Pinkner has seen this process intensify as differentiation and vision have become more vital. In recent years, as many high-profile companies have delayed their entrance to the public markets, the stakes have risen given the growing amount of investor anticipation.

As a result, companies have increasingly focused considerable time and resources on having their prospectuses convey the uniqueness of their business, whether through unique graphics, dazzling visuals, signature company colors and imaging, varied paper selection, fold-out covers, complex colors throughout the document, or all of the above. The goal is to maximize the company’s valuation at IPO (and the corresponding price appreciation when the company begins to trade) by telling the company story in the most effective way possible.