Global subscriptions of on-demand video platforms are set to surge towards 1bn over the next five years, new figures [...]

3 June 2019

Amazon is launching a programme to help digital businesses find success on the high street, with a series of pop-up [...]

2 June 2019

The number of notifications to the EU Commission about potentially unlawful tax breaks has rocketed as countries [...]

30 May 2019

Netflix is raising the prices of some of its subscriptions by as much as 20 per cent as it prepares to ramp up [...]

30 May 2019

Netflix and Amazon’s revenues from UK streaming customers last year was £1.1bn, twice the amount the Britain’s [...]

29 May 2019

Broadcast live TV is still the go-to option for Brits when deciding what to watch, despite the surge in popularity [...]

28 May 2019

Online retail giant Amazon has made a large investment in food courier Deliveroo, taking a stake in the startup’s [...]

21 May 2019

This month, university students across the country are being tested on their chosen field of study. As if the [...]

21 May 2019

Just Eat shares fell eight per cent this morning after Amazon led a $575m (£450m) investment round in rival [...]

17 May 2019

Deliveroo today confirmed Amazon is leading a $575m (£450m) funding round in the food delivery business as it [...]

17 May 2019

Amazon is in talks to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in Deliveroo giving the food delivery app a boost [...]

16 May 2019

The United States has refused to join other nations in signing a pledge to tackle the spread of violent and extremist [...]

15 May 2019

San Francisco officials have voted to ban the use of facial recognition technology by local authorities in the [...]

15 May 2019

Is the Tesco boss right to call for slashed business rates and an online tax to save the high street? [...]

15 May 2019

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has unveiled plans to send a spaceship to the moon by 2024 in his latest attempts to become [...]

10 May 2019

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