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Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) make up 99 per cent of companies, and employ 60 per cent of private sector [...]

18 March 2019

Wetherspoons has posted a sharp drop in pre-tax profits in its half-year report as increased labour costs took [...]

15 March 2019

Retirement services firm Just Group has seen shares fall 11 per cent today after revealing plans to raise almost [...]

14 March 2019

Some UK bank shares have made massive profits for shareholders, but how should you play the sector now? [...]

12 March 2019

What happens if there’s no Brexit deal? Over the past year, we’ve had various answers to this question – [...]

12 March 2019

The Bank of England (BoE) has taken action against Visa following an outage last year that caused more than 2m [...]

8 March 2019

Next week, MPs will be asked to vote (again) on the government's proposed Brexit deal. [...]

6 March 2019

UK businesses significantly increased their borrowing from banks in January driven by a surge of merger and acquisition [...]

1 March 2019

Back in 2015, I was convinced the UK was heading for another hung parliament. The following year I expected a [...]

1 March 2019

MPs’ basic salary will rise to £79,468 from 1 April thanks to an inflation-busting 2.7 per cent pay rise, [...]

28 February 2019

UK growth is “guaranteed” to fall in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Bank of England’s governor Mark [...]

26 February 2019

With no signs of letting up, the cold winds of Brexit uncertainty blowing through parliament have been pretty [...]

26 February 2019

Derivatives trading and clearing between the UK and the US will continue as normal regardless of the outcome of [...]

25 February 2019

Whatever happened to the liquid lunch? It is a question often asked with nostalgia throughout the Square Mile. [...]

14 February 2019

Brexit has already cost the UK economy £40bn a year - or £800m per week - since the referendum due to prolonged [...]

14 February 2019

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