A British company is set to launch an e-reader for blind people with the aim of making digital Braille books a [...]

14 January 2019

Big Four accountancy firm Deloitte has hired a senior partner from the Magic Circle to lead its expansion into [...]

14 January 2019

London's food revolution has happened remarkably quickly. [...]

7 January 2019

Finance bosses at some of Britain’s largest FTSE companies are set to hit out at new proposals put forward by [...]

6 January 2019

A report into the audit sector commissioned by shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called for the break-up of [...]

14 December 2018

Talk about a hospital pass. Richard Houston, Deloitte’s consulting chief, might be forgiven for feeling a bit [...]

14 December 2018

The UK's top four audit firms are facing a market share cap to encourage competition from smaller companies as [...]

13 December 2018

South Korean prosecutors investigating alleged accounting fraud yesterday raided the offices of Samsung’s biopharma [...]

13 December 2018

When the alarm clock goes off and 19-year-old Luke Johnson has to get out of bed, shower, and put on a suit, ready [...]

13 December 2018

The final two Big Four financial services firms have disclosed the number of partners that have left the companies [...]

11 December 2018

Virtual training is being hailed as the “new Powerpoint” for corporates when it comes to training up staff. [...]

11 December 2018

A total of seven KPMG partners have left the financial services firm over the last four years following accusations [...]

10 December 2018

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the UK’s biggest accountancy firm, has had its crown – holding the highest number [...]

3 December 2018

The UK's top four accounting firms have been accused of a conflict of interest by investigating their own clients' [...]

23 November 2018

Investment management firms have called on the competition watchdog to ensure the quality of audit is not affected [...]

15 November 2018

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