Boris Johnson

Donald Trump gave Theresa May a Brexit headache on Monday evening, describing the agreement reached between London [...]

26 November 2018

Boris Johnson has urged the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which props up Theresa May’s government, to continue [...]

24 November 2018

“Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan,” an Italian diplomat noted in the 1940s. Yet, as [...]

22 November 2018

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson received more than £94,000 from a New-York based hedge fund to give a [...]

22 November 2018

Theresa May's hopes of winning over rebel Tories were dashed on Thursday as a string of MPs spoke out against [...]

22 November 2018

Tomorrow is the fourth Thursday in November, so Americans, in the US and across the world, will be celebrating [...]

21 November 2018

Theresa May is reviving plans to use technology to prevent a hard border with Ireland in a bid to win support [...]

20 November 2018

Three water cannon bought and renovated for over £300,000 by former London mayor Boris Johnson will be broken [...]

19 November 2018

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is to investigate the scrapped £200m Garden Bridge project that was promoted [...]

15 November 2018

Theresa May was today warned she will lose the support of Conservative MPs if a draft Brexit agreement could see [...]

14 November 2018

Sadiq Khan has been accused of having the worst strikes record of any London mayor despite promising there would [...]

6 November 2018

Former foreign minister Boris Johnson accepted a free trip worth £14,000 from the government of Saudi Arabia [...]

31 October 2018

Sad news in my household: Moonie is not long for this world. The time is fast approaching when I must put her [...]

30 October 2018

Like any good Londoner, I used the fantastic summer weather to kayak from Limehouse to Hackney, discovering that [...]

22 October 2018
17 October 2018

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