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Two of the UK’s biggest supermarkets have revealed they are stockpiling food in case of a “no deal” Brexit. [...]

12 January 2019

Not as bad as it could have been. That’s the general feeling about high street performance over Christmas after [...]

11 January 2019

It wasn’t only children who traditionally looked forward to Christmas: time was when Yuletide sales could be [...]

10 January 2019

Tesco has beaten expectations after the supermarket reported a 2.6 per cent boost in like-for-like sales over [...]

10 January 2019

Time and time again over the past few months, we’ve heard prominent figures in the retail world call for a special [...]

23 October 2018

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis told Southwark Crown Court today of his “genuine shock” at being presented [...]

11 October 2018

Tesco aimed to cement its status as the UK’s largest supermarket today with rising revenue and operating margins [...]

3 October 2018

Tesco will be hoping to post strong first-half profits on Wednesday, as a blistering summer heatwave, successful [...]

30 September 2018

  Recently Tesco unveiled its first Jack’s discount store. With a strong emphasis on Britishness and home-grown [...]

26 September 2018

  Tesco took a cheap shot at budget retailers Aldi and Lidl yesterday, launching its own discounter chain, Jack’s. [...]

20 September 2018

Supermarket chain Tesco is set to launch a new discount store format next week in a bid to compete with German [...]

11 September 2018

Tesco has announced its UK boss Charles Wilson will step down from his role as chief executive following treatment [...]

10 July 2018

Tesco and Carrefour are teaming up to beat the competition, in a strategic alliance announced this morning. [...]

2 July 2018

Tesco has said it is testing a way of paying for your shopping in-store without going through a checkout, using [...]

29 June 2018

Tesco today reported rising like-for-like sales for the 13 weeks ended 26 May, marking the 10th consecutive quarter [...]

15 June 2018

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