Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump is set to make a state visit to the UK in early June, according to reports. [...]

23 April 2019

The price of crude oil climbed over three per cent today following the announcement by the US government that [...]

22 April 2019

US tabloid newspaper The National Enquirer, which admitted paying hush money to get President Donald Trump elected, [...]

19 April 2019

US President Donald Trump believed the Mueller investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia would be “the [...]

18 April 2019

The US trade deficit narrowed again in February, the government said today, reaching its lowest figure in seven [...]

17 April 2019

The European Union has threatened to slap $20bn (£15.3bn) worth of tariffs on American goods in retaliation for [...]

17 April 2019

The European Union’s trade in goods surplus with the US grew in January and February compared to a year earlier, [...]

17 April 2019

Donald Trump is probably the most extraordinary individual to ever be President of the United States. But his [...]

17 April 2019

Even by Donald Trump’s standards, it was an extremely Donald Trump thing to do. [...]

16 April 2019

The European Union has voted to kick off trade talks with the US in the face of French resistance, it announced [...]

15 April 2019

Boeing should seek to turn around the fortunes of its 737 Max jet by rebranding the model, according to US president [...]

15 April 2019

It is false and defamatory to suggest that Julian Assange lives, or has ever lived, in a basement, cupboard, or [...]

12 April 2019

Officials from the European Union have provisionally agreed to opening formal trade talks with the US in a bid [...]

11 April 2019

Warner Brothers is taking legal action against US President Donald Trump after he posted a video on Twitter that [...]

10 April 2019

US attorney general William Barr has said he will be in a position to release the Mueller report to the public [...]

9 April 2019

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