Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May is set for a showdown with the hard Brexit wing of her party on Tuesday as the war over her withdrawal [...]

28 January 2019

MPs are set for another vote on Brexit tomorrow, but it’s not quite the make or break moment some are spinning [...]

28 January 2019

“Nice company you’ve got there, @Dyson! Shame if we nationalised it.” [...]

25 January 2019

MPs campaigning for another EU referendum have dropped plans to push for a Commons vote on the plan, blaming Jeremy [...]

24 January 2019

Traders banked on the likelihood of a ‘no deal’ Brexit diminishing as sterling leapt to a two month high [...]

23 January 2019

Leading Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on Theresa May to suspend parliament if tries to block a no-deal Brexit. [...]

23 January 2019

Sterling rose to above $1.30 today reaching a 10-week high as fears of a no-deal Brexit eased. [...]

23 January 2019

Size doesn’t matter. When it comes to property at least, it’s all about location, location, location. [...]

21 January 2019

The Labour party's stance on Brexit has prompted the exodus of about 150,000 members in recent months, according [...]

20 January 2019

Britain could clear the way to reaching an agreement on the Brexit deal if it rows back on a commitment to leave [...]

19 January 2019

Boris Johnson warned today that politicians risk losing the electorate's trust if they were to delay Brexit by [...]

18 January 2019

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are at loggerheads after the Prime Minister refused to give in to Labour’s “impossible [...]

17 January 2019

The risks of a “cliff edge” Brexit to the stability of the Irish financial system are manageable and the majority [...]

17 January 2019

Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence in her government on Wednesday after a barnstorming speech from [...]

16 January 2019

Brexit was plunged into fresh chaos on Wednesday after Jeremy Corbyn refused Theresa May’s invitation for a [...]

16 January 2019

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