Jeremy Corbyn

Remainer rebels in the Conservatives and Labour MPs have failed to derail Theresa May over her Brexit policy, [...]

17 July 2018

Theresa May's ongoing survival as Prime Minister is fascinating for the fact that it rests so heavily on the lack [...]

15 July 2018

A week ago, this newspaper bemoaned the government's drift towards tax rises – and the lack of any proper low-tax [...]

9 July 2018

Greece is the EU’s former problem child, but is it now finally out of the woods? [...]

20 June 2018

Nominations for the Tories’ London mayoral candidate open this month, reminding us that London elections have [...]

19 June 2018

Labour shadow minister Laura Smith and four other opposition MPs have resigned from party roles, over a whip forbidding [...]

13 June 2018

Labour MPs are demanding answers from the party HQ over the coming weekend's political and musical concert dubbed [...]

11 June 2018

Next week’s vote in the House of Commons to either accept or throw out their Lordships’ amendments to the [...]

8 June 2018

Members of leftwing pressure group Momentum are pushing for a vote on Brexit at the Labour party's annual conference [...]

28 May 2018

In case you have forgotten who David Miliband is, let me help: there is a photo of the former foreign secretary [...]

16 May 2018

The Conservative Party has described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s call today for the UK to build three new [...]

11 May 2018
9 May 2018

At first glance, Thursday’s local elections seemed to offer something for everyone (except for Ukip, of course). [...]

8 May 2018

The government was dealt another fresh Brexit blow tonight by the House of Lords as it voted to instruct ministers [...]

8 May 2018

If there ever was a Prime Minister who has the knack of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, it would have [...]

18 April 2018

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