Mark Zuckerberg

Cambridge Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg in front of the US Congress. The first data breach of 2019 occurring less [...]

14 February 2019

Sir Nick Clegg has been asked to appear in front of a parliamentary committee to answer questions about the harassment [...]

5 February 2019

With front-page headlines including “Facebook paid kids and spied on them”, “Generation of web addicts”, [...]

5 February 2019

Shares in Facebook jumped more than eight per cent in after-hours trading tonight, boosted by a welcome set of [...]

30 January 2019

Facebook is planning to streamline its messaging services by integrating Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook messenger. [...]

25 January 2019

I should have given up making predictions in June 2017. [...]

21 December 2018

Parliament today published a tranche of confidential Facebook documents it seized as part of an inquiry into fake [...]

5 December 2018

The software company co-founder who released a trove of sensitive documents about Facebook to a parliamentary [...]

2 December 2018

Lawmakers have criticised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for not appearing in a hearing today, which accused [...]

27 November 2018

Another day, another scandal. Today, Facebook executive Richard Allan is to appear at a crucial hearing about [...]

27 November 2018

Was it right for MPs to use obscure parliamentary powers to seize Facebook documents? [...]

27 November 2018

Facebook was meant to revolutionise and make everything better wasn’t it? [...]

26 November 2018

As shares continue to tumble, could this be the beginning of the end for Apple? [...]

22 November 2018

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has fought back against calls for the social media giant to change up its leadership, [...]

21 November 2018

Shares in social media giant Facebook dropped to their lowest point in 19 months last night, as its operations [...]

17 November 2018

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