Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has survived a shareholder revolt which sought to strip him of his chairman title, [...]

30 May 2019

Facebook is in the final stages of planning the launch of its own cryptocurrency in 2020 which has been dubbed [...]

24 May 2019

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has echoed calls to break up the social media giant amid a rise in anti-trust [...]

9 May 2019

Facebook has chosen London as the global centre of a payments push for messaging platform Whatsapp, as the capital [...]

7 May 2019

Could Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook omnipotence be coming to an end? [...]

7 May 2019

Facebook has ditched its trademark blue banner as it re-centres its tools around privacy following a year dogged [...]

1 May 2019

Amazon’s share price has risen by 83 per cent year-on-year, making boss Jeff Bezos the US’s best performing [...]

30 April 2019

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp left users frustrated today after going offline across the UK and Europe for [...]

14 April 2019

Last year, I met someone who had previously worked for a big tech firm in its “free speech” unit. What had [...]

10 April 2019

Social media, and especially its archetype, Facebook, has had a difficult run of publicity over the past few years. [...]

8 April 2019

A common view of the world goes thus – individuals and businesses do whatever they can to pursue their own self-interest, [...]

8 April 2019

Bosses of social media giants such as Facebook could be held responsible for rampant harmful content on their [...]

5 April 2019

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee today said it has launched a dedicated division to tackle [...]

2 April 2019

Mark Zuckerberg has called on regulators and governments to take a “more active role” in controlling content [...]

31 March 2019

Two senior Facebook technology executives have left the social media giant, days after its chief executive Mark [...]

14 March 2019

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