Michael Gove

Walkers revealed today that more than half a million packets of crisps have been collected since it launched a [...]

18 March 2019

Should we slash post-Brexit tariffs on food imports to offer consumers cheaper goods? [...]

21 February 2019

Last December, Michael Gove announced proposals to enforce biodiversity net gain at new housing schemes. This [...]

18 February 2019

TAKE a look at that picture of me. No tie or jacket. Not even a shirt for that matter. Hair a little on the louche [...]

7 February 2019

Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence in her government on Wednesday after a barnstorming speech from [...]

16 January 2019

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. [...]

14 January 2019

If Theresa May loses a vote of no confidence on Wednesday evening, the starting gun will be fired on who will [...]

12 December 2018

The number of MPs who have declared themselves either in support of or against the leadership of Prime Minister [...]

12 December 2018

Theresa May’s authority has suffered yet another blow as the government scrapped the planned vote on her controversial [...]

10 December 2018

Tony Blair believes Theresa May should scrap next week’s vote on her Brexit deal as she is about to hit a “brick [...]

6 December 2018

Environment secretary Michael Gove, a key ally of the Prime Minister, said he believes Theresa May’s EU withdrawal [...]

2 December 2018

Tomorrow is the fourth Thursday in November, so Americans, in the US and across the world, will be celebrating [...]

21 November 2018

Michael Gove and Liam Fox have said they will continue serving in Theresa May’s cabinet, after stating they [...]

16 November 2018

Theresa May admitted she has concerns over her Brexit deal’s strategy to avoid a hard border in Ireland as she [...]

16 November 2018

Food delivery startup Deliveroo has today said it is revamping its app with a new menu system which will allow [...]

24 October 2018

Like any good Londoner, I used the fantastic summer weather to kayak from Limehouse to Hackney, discovering that [...]

22 October 2018

Boris has spoken, and such was his performance that the moment must come soon where he is given the opportunity [...]

3 October 2018

Theresa May’s ambush of her own cabinet in July by presenting the fait accompli of the proposed Chequers deal, [...]

19 September 2018

At the start of this week Boris Johnson was slapped down by Number 10 for failing to come up with an alternative [...]

6 September 2018

The Prime Minister will this morning have to decide who to replace David Davis as Brexit secretary after he resigned [...]

9 July 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May took a major hit late last night after Brexit secretary David Davis resigned from his [...]

9 July 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a crunch meeting tomorrow as she attempts to keep her party onside amid grumblings [...]

8 July 2018

The government has agreed an official position on what it will seek from the next stage of Brexit talks with the [...]

6 July 2018

The government has agreed an official position on what it will seek from the next stage of Brexit talks with the [...]

6 July 2018

Theresa May's "third way" on the UK's future relationship with the EU is looking increasingly likely to steal [...]

4 July 2018

Next week's crunch meeting to thrash out a final position on the customs union is likely to result in "the softest [...]

27 June 2018

Brexiters have slammed suggestions that Number 10 could be poised to push for a Single Market for goods, claiming [...]

21 June 2018

Today's City Moves covers communications, legal eagles and alternative investments. Take a look at these movers [...]

15 June 2018

Conservative rebel MPs appear to have secured victory over the meaningful vote amendment, with the Prime Minister [...]

14 June 2018

David Davis has backed down from his threats to resign after the Prime Minister added a date to the Brexit backstop [...]

7 June 2018

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