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Some of the UK’s highest-flying executives reportedly lashed out at the government after its historic defeat [...]

16 January 2019

On the anniversary of Carillion’s dramatic collapse, two more public sector outsourcing giants, Interserve and [...]

15 January 2019

Some of Britain’s biggest retailers are coming together in an urgent bid to seek business rates relief from [...]

13 January 2019

Treasury Select Committee chair Nicky Morgan has castigated the government over its Brexit outcome analyses, claiming [...]

9 January 2019

Former boss of Virgin Money Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia has been added to the Bank of England’s financial policy [...]

3 January 2019

Nothing has changed. That was the widely held conclusion from Theresa May surviving her no confidence vote last [...]

18 December 2018

The number of MPs who have declared themselves either in support of or against the leadership of Prime Minister [...]

12 December 2018

London will remain a global financial centre after Brexit, Chancellor Philip Hammond said today as he ruled out [...]

11 December 2018

The Bank of England (BoE) has come under fire following reports of a clandestine meeting with senior representatives [...]

6 December 2018

Philip Hammond has confirmed the government would be forced to borrow billions more and consider tax changes [...]

5 December 2018

The Bank of England (BoE) will delay work on a cyber stress test for banks as it focuses on Brexit preparations, [...]

5 December 2018

The Financial Conduct Authority has taken its boldest step yet into the debate about banks' Brexit contingency [...]

3 December 2018

Britain has become a single issue nation. So all-consuming have the ins and outs of Brexit become that the national [...]

3 December 2018

A UK thinktank has called for the government to scrap stamp duty for pensioners to encourage downsizing and free [...]

3 December 2018

The TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign group has called for lower taxes as ‘poorest’ families struggle with current [...]

2 December 2018

The chair of the Crossrail and HS2 infrastructure projects reportedly faces the sack over fears the rail link [...]

1 December 2018

The Bank of England sparked a row today after publishing analysis of its ‘worst case Brexit scenario’ just [...]

28 November 2018

Labour’s John McDonnell believes it is “inevitable” his party will soon back another referendum on Brexit. [...]

28 November 2018

The UK economy could take a 3.9 percent growth hit under a deal that resembles Theresa May's Brexit plan, the [...]

28 November 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond defended the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal this morning, claiming it comes at a very [...]

28 November 2018

Donald Trump gave Theresa May a Brexit headache on Monday evening, describing the agreement reached between London [...]

26 November 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said Theresa May's Brexit deal is better than staying in the EU, as the Prime Minister [...]

24 November 2018

In a remarkable break with the economic prudence of the past decade, policymakers in the west are taking their [...]

14 November 2018

The government has U-turned on delayed changes to fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), bringing forward a widely [...]

14 November 2018

UK consumer spending dipped in October after having risen for two months, with an e-commerce rebound propping [...]

13 November 2018

Fresh evidence of the retail woes facing Britain’s shopkeepers emerged this morning, with more than 2,500 stores [...]

9 November 2018

While much of today’s property talk has revolved around the bonus-related resignation of Persimmon boss Jeff [...]

7 November 2018

From discussions on how the UK should reform its tax and regulatory landscape to make the most of post-Brexit [...]

7 November 2018

The introduction of a new digital services tax was the most depressingly inevitable part of Philip Hammond’s [...]

7 November 2018

EU member states have failed to reach a consensus on imposing an EU-wide digital services tax, which affects firms [...]

6 November 2018

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