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The fact that the asset management business is lagging behind many other industries on diversity and inclusion is not news. Last [...]

18 December

This webinar will provide advice on how to return to the financial services industry after a career break or relaunch a career [...]

6 December

The Italian government is defying the European Commission’s request that it revise its draft budget for 2019 to reduce the [...]

16 November

The global payments industry is dramatically improving due to technology. Mobile has changed everything. Payments are getting [...]

17 October

When many financial professionals are asked about the importance of learning programming languages, they usually respond with [...]

4 October

Appreciation is a greatly under-utilised tool in the leader’s toolkit. The simple act of appreciating your staff will pay huge [...]

6 September

Empathetic listening means paying attention in a caring manner. It encompasses compassion, feeling, insight, and emotional identification [...]

24 August

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and the 24th largest in the world: The country is buzzing with creative energy but continues [...]

13 August

What do you do if you personally view, experience, or even strongly suspect that your company has undertaken an activity or endorses [...]

18 May

If you are planning a conversation with someone at work regarding a sensitive ethical issue, there are ways to discuss the topic [...]

10 May

Now, more than ever, the millions of people working in financial services globally are uncertain about their future. Traditional [...]

3 May

‘If a plane’s battery catches fire, you ground a whole fleet because people might die. But in finance, you do the opposite. [...]

11 April

Cryptocurrencies are unique instruments in the investing world. They share many characteristics of traditional currencies but [...]

10 April

As economists and investors, we treat the United States as one country and one economy and the eurozone as a conglomerate of [...]

15 March

Say whatever you want about the world, but there’s never been a better time to be an end investor. [...]

7 March