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Christian May is the editor of City A.M. 

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November 2018 articles

Brexit has shattered the normal rules of politics. [...]

18 November

Westminster has entered a period of chaos, marked by the usual signs of political turmoil: marquees outside parliament for camera [...]

16 November

The Outline Political Declaration on the Future Relationship was published alongside the legalistic 585-page Draft Withdrawal [...]

14 November

Ever since the activist investor Edward Bramson revealed his 5 per cent stake in Barclays in March of this year, the two sides [...]

11 November

One of our most popular columnists, Kate Andrews, enjoyed her latest outing on Question Time last week. [...]

9 November

Business leaders will this week hurl themselves back into the Brexit debate as some of the most high-profile figures from corporate [...]

4 November

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has raised the prospect of senior business figures giving up the boardroom and joining the Foreign [...]

2 November