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Christian May is the editor of City A.M. 

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March 2019 articles

After another week of Brexit-related chaos, I was determined to cheer myself up yesterday, and so set a course for the annual [...]

22 March

Yesterday afternoon a rumour spread around Westminster that the Prime Minister was going to make a live statement in Downing [...]

21 March

Could this be the week that unlocks Brexit? Despite twice having voted down Theresa May’s proposed withdrawal agreement and [...]

17 March

The desk in my office is groaning under the weight of books. They’re stacked up around the computer screens and at risk of [...]

15 March

The fact that 40 Tory MPs who previously voted against the deal swung behind the PM is significant – and will be seized upon [...]

12 March

Margaret Thatcher, together with her great intellectual ally, Keith Joseph, founded the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) in 1974 [...]

10 March

The 19th century socialist MP for Battersea, John Burns, described the Thames as “liquid history”. [...]

8 March

Next week, MPs will be asked to vote (again) on the government's proposed Brexit deal. [...]

6 March