James Douglass


James Douglass is a public relations consultant.


In the theatre of the commedia dell’arte, the character of Arlecchino can be recognised by two props – his mask and his slapstick. [...]

3 May

“A man cannot dress, but his ideas get clothed at the same time,” wrote Lawrence Stern in Tristram Shandy in 1759. [...]

12 March

Most of us have, at some point, encountered a Myers-Briggs personality test. [...]

27 February

In 1305, having executed William Wallace in London, Edward Longshanks had to plan how he would run Scotland from afar. [...]

11 February

Periodically, a senior economist will suggest that as a society we could abolish cash. As an idea, it unites left and right in [...]

17 January

The first few weeks of the year are when the office mood is at its glummest. [...]

4 January

The office Christmas party is a minefield. We know this because every year, about this time, an article appears telling you how [...]

7 December

You've finished your presentation. You remembered to look at the audience, rather than at the massive screen behind you, so it [...]

16 November

IT’S A good rule of thumb that you can learn more by looking at what people do than listening to what they say. Everyone in [...]

2 November

Theresa May’s call to make companies report their ethnicity pay gap comes from a good place. It harks back to her 2016 “burning [...]

19 October