Julian Harris


I am City A.M's deputy editor, having joined the newsroom in late 2010 as an economics reporter.

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This newspaper applauded the Tory leadership contest's emerging battle of ideas last week, a trend that happily continued over [...]

3 June

One of the many bizarre political twists of recent years has seen conservative leaders and voters take a less favourable approach [...]

29 May

The perspective taken by this newspaper rarely chimes with that of the Scottish National Party. [...]

17 May

Boarded-up shop fronts are a common sight during recessions. [...]

13 May

Every time you jump into an Uber, your ride is essentially subsidised by venture capitalists who prop up the loss-making outfit [...]

10 May

Did you enjoy your day off yesterday? Nice, wasn’t it, coming so soon after the extended Easter break? Plus there’s another [...]

7 May

Another blistering set of figures emerged from Britain's jobs market yesterday, with employment soaring to a fresh record high [...]

17 April

The Bank of England should be responsible for boosting the UK’s productivity, according to the Labour party, which wants Threadneedle [...]

12 April

A common view of the world goes thus – individuals and businesses do whatever they can to pursue their own self-interest, and [...]

8 April

Shares in the AA have been swerving all over the place since it returned to the stock market in 2014. [...]

4 April

While the Brexit process pushes the British constitution to its limits, the Labour party continues to develop and promote policy [...]

31 March

Another day, another chance for UK politics to reach hitherto unimaginable levels of farce. [...]

19 March

Today is the start of National Apprenticeship Week, an event that should celebrate the endeavours of ambitious young adults across [...]

4 March