Paul Ormerod


Paul Ormerod is an economist at Volterra Partners LLP, a visiting professor in the Department of Computer Science at UCL, and author of Positive Linking: How Networks can Revolutionise the World.

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Theresa May has finally announced her resignation. How can we capture the flavour of her tenure in office? [...]

29 May

The surprise of the week was the re-election of the centre-right Coalition government in the Australian General Election. [...]

22 May

The appearance of Liverpool and Spurs in the Champions League final and Arsenal and Chelsea in the Europa Cup one has generated [...]

15 May

If there were a betting market in future winners of the Nobel prize in economics, MIT’s Daniel Acemoglu would be at pretty [...]

8 May

The Extinction Rebellion protesters on the streets of London seemed to consist of two disparate interest groups: pensioners [...]

1 May

The internet has led to a massive increase in the amount of information available. [...]

24 April

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is up to its usual tricks. Last week, it predicted a two-year recession in the UK in the [...]

17 April

As the Brexit process unfolds, the possibility of a Corbyn government has become much more tangible. Last month, John McDonnell, [...]

10 April

Social media influencer, Yovana Mendoza, provided an amusing diversion from Brexit last week. [...]

3 April

HMRC’s programme to make tax digital continues to roll out. [...]

20 March
13 March

The idea that the Earth is flat is a rapidly growing trend on social media. The Flat Earth Society’s Twitter feed has the [...]

6 March

Sydney University’s Centre for Complex Systems does innovative work on a broad range of topics. [...]

27 February

The political spotlight remains focused on Brexit, but an important dogfight is developing in the area of higher education. [...]

20 February