Rewan Tremethick


I am a financial market writer at MARKETS.COM. I began my career covering B2B and B2C forex and now write about global equity, FX, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.


If Brexit were a Netflix original series it would be considered one of the greatest dramas ever produced. The enormous cast of [...]

21 March

US hiring stalled in February, according to the latest non-farm payrolls report. The economy added just 20,000 jobs last month, [...]

8 March

Just as it seemed Theresa May was on track to appease the hard-line Brexiters in her party, it’s now the Remainers causing [...]

1 March

The conversation around ride-hailing has this year centred on Lyft and Uber – the two tech unicorns racing to list on the US [...]

22 February

Chinese stock markets are currently on holiday, with traders and consumers off celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Pig. [...]

8 February

The UK parliament yesterday voted against officially blocking a no deal Brexit, but also forced Theresa May to return to the [...]

30 January

Gold had a mixed year in 2018, quickly peaking around $1,366 in January, but falling as low as $1,160 by August. For a while [...]

28 January

2019 is set to be an exciting year for IPOs. Some of the biggest floats in history are planned over the coming months. But the [...]

18 January

Warren Buffett may invest for the long haul, but surely any money manager must wince at the thought of losing a $4 billion chunk [...]

14 January

Ethereum has started 2019 on strong form. Its native Ether cryptocurrency gained 10 per cent in the first week of January, and [...]

7 January

Oil prices steadily climbed during 2018 as the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) agreed production [...]

7 January