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Christmas is traditionally a time of charity giving, but happily the latest official figures on charity funding from lotteries, [...]

20 December

If we compress human evolution into 24 hours, then for around 23 hours and 58 minutes - over 99 per cent of our existence - we [...]

30 November

When ActionAid decided to launch a five-year strategy that focused on the rights of women and girls, funding from the players [...]

13 November

Matt Griffiths, CEO of Youth Music, a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people, explains [...]

31 October

Each year in the UK, 359,960 cancer diagnoses are made. That’s 359,960 people of all ages and backgrounds told they have cancer. [...]

25 October

The UK’s leading cancer support charity for children, young people and their families, CLIC Sargent is launching an exciting [...]

18 October

Maggie’s is a charity that prides itself on how we treat the people who come through our doors after a cancer diagnosis as [...]

12 October

Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes has urged ministers to overhaul outdated fundraising rules which are denying charities millions [...]

2 October

Charity lotteries raised an amazing £255 million last year, over £21 million a month, benefitting charities and communities [...]

24 September

Many of us think about trading in our jobs for our dream career but few have the courage to actually go ahead and do it but that’s [...]

20 September

A BBC article highlighted how finance jobs growth in Scotland has outstripped London. This got me thinking about how competitive [...]

13 September

Climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issues facing the planet today. Its symptoms are numerous and catastrophic, [...]

4 September

Since players of People’s Postcode Lottery started supporting War Child in 2013 and helping us realise our vision for a world [...]

6 August

So far £382 million has been raised through support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery for thousands of charities across [...]

25 July

For those of us lucky enough to have busy, stimulating social lives – it’s hard to imagine that feeling isolated or lonely [...]

25 July