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CDOs 2 (complete, of course, with the tagline ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back into collateral debt obligations’) [...]

3 June

Whatever the opposite of a sweet spot is, many investors think UK equities are currently in one. With Brexit still unresolved, [...]

31 May

London has overtaken Hong Kong to be ranked second in the latest Schroders Global Cities 30 index, despite economic and political [...]

28 May

The past six months have highlighted two common errors that investors frequently make. The first relates to a misunderstanding [...]

24 May

Recent decades have been a tumultuous time for investors. In the last 20 years alone we have experienced two of the biggest stock [...]

15 May

Electric vehicles (EVs) have reached a clear inflection point. Product quality has improved and consumer availability is expanding [...]

13 May

The textile industry - primarily the business of cloth and clothing - produces close to 100 million tonnes of fibres every year. [...]

29 April

Those who were brave enough to fight the emotional urge to sell during the carnage in markets which brought 2018 to a close have [...]

26 April

Progress on US-China trade talks has seen investors’ concerns about a trade war fade, and be replaced instead by worries about [...]

24 April

With politicians still struggling to agree the terms of withdrawal, investors in assets linked to the UK economy could be in [...]

15 April

Following some dire headlines you might rightly wonder why the share prices of UK retailers have recorded double-digit gains [...]

9 April

Saving money into a stocks and shares Isa over the last 19 years would have returned two-thirds more than a cash Isa, according [...]

2 April

The temptation among investors is to stick to what you know. That is no bad thing. It is a strategy championed by successful [...]

29 March

Created by economist George Taylor just three years ahead of the 1929 Wall Street Crash, his theory of the on the so-called ‘Hemline [...]

25 March

The UK is due to leave the European Union (EU) on 29 March 2019. With politicians still struggling to agree the terms of withdrawal, [...]

22 March